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Wild camping is prohibited in Croatia, however, there are more and more pieces of land by the government (inland, but also on the coast) leased to the local population, which it leases as a camping site. This way you can land on these pieces the camper parking with the nose 5 meters from the sea.
The holiday country CROATIA. Croatia is THE holiday destination and particularly suitable to explore with an RV. In fact, all campsites have all the facilities for RV’s and the wide variety of the country offers something for everyone. From wild nature to vast natural landscapes. From azure sea and tourism to history and national parks. The population is proud but helpful and friendly. The food is excellent and the prices are certainly not excessive.
Large supermarkets such as Lidland Kaufland can be found at the edge of all cities. Here you can easily park and do your shopping. However, the local products certainly deserve attention. Everywhere along the (tourist) road, fresh fruit and homemade cheese and honey are sold. The local wine is generally good to drink. It is certainly advisable to try a meal of frankapci (charcoal fry minced meat) with onion. Fresh fish on the coast is also delicious on the bbq.
The national parks in Croatia are mainly known for their caves and beautiful waterfalls. The two best examples of this can be found in Plitvice and Krk. The parks are really a "must see" and definitely worth a full day out. At both parks there are campsites nearby. In Krk you can even swim under the waterfall.
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